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Wedding Film Cinematographers

Wichita, Kansas | Kansas City, Missouri | Denver, Colorado | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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" Free Spirit Films were a beautiful compliment to our wedding day! As a Bride with so much going on you don't ever get to see half of the moments they capture in your video. They have a way of making your love story come to life! "

- Tosha  + Mathew

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Eli has a green thumb and loves to garden, almost as much as he love coffee. He also has the cutest 6-year-old Basenji puppy! When you don't find him filming weddings, or in the garden, you can always try one of the many National Parks. Eli and his fiance vowed to travel to a National Park in every state, and they love hearing recommendations.

Eli Galindo | Founder

Coffee Lover  | Puppy enthusiast  |  Explorer


David Youso | Founder

Coke Zero for Life | Star Wars Expert | Vikings!

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David loves coke zero, star wars and football. He owns a chewbacca onesie and often runs around the house making wookie sounds to annoy his wife. He also loves filming weddings. The day is always so upbeat, positive and fun that it never feels like working. David's wedding floor dance moves aren't from a condition, feel free to laugh.

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