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Bride & Groom Seal Wedding Vows with Shot at Brick & Mortar Venue in Wichita Kansas Best First Look

Madi and Max had a dream wedding at the Brick & Mortar Wedding Venue in Wichita, Kansas. After saying their vows, they sealed it with a unity shot followed by a passionate kiss, surrounded by friends and family. The reception was one to remember as Tyler from Another Dimension DJ Services had everyone dancing the night away!

But what really made this wedding stand out was the creative use of smoke bombs on the roof of downtown Wichita! Not only did it add an amazing effect in photos and video, but both Madi and Max looked so excited for their future together. And when Max saw his beautiful bride for their first look, he couldn't help but show off his sweet emotions towards her! Carson also had a wonderful reaction to seeing his beautiful mama in her wedding dress.

The pictures were stunning, the night was perfect, and the love between this couple was undeniable. Madi & Max spent their wedding day surrounded by the people who have been there for them through it all - friends and family! We wish nothing but happiness for this wonderful couple as they embark on their new journey together as husband and wife.

I think one of the best feeling is that our couples trust us so much. Whenever we walked up to Madi and Max, and ask, "Can we have your rings?" Without batting an eye they just handed them over and smiled. We know wedding rings hold a lot of monitary vaule, but they hold so much more than a dollar sign. They are litterly the symbol they use to bind their love to one another. And, for them to hand those over to us, without questions, shows us how much trust our couples have in us. Thats truely one of the best gifts.

Special thanks to Ashley Patton Photography for being so great to work with and letting us do our crazy ideas; Another Dimension DJ Services for bringing the party and always keeping the energy high; Brick & Mortar Wedding Venue in Wichita, Kansas for letting us use their space to create this video that the couple will cherish forever.Tammy Wiens, the Wedding and Event Planner, made sure everything ran smoothly and on time. Derek Aalders, the wonderful officiant, had impeccable timing and kept the ceremony short and sweet. Le Luci Lighting transformed the space into the perfect wedding mood. Enola Gaye Grenade Co provided great smoke bombs, which are a couple's favorite now. WOW Cakes provided delicious treats after a great dinner from Texas Roadhouse. We loved Texas Roadhouse rolls - they were the best!

The creative smoke bombs lit up the sky this

couple had an unforgettable wedding day. We are so happy for this couple and were so happy to be part of their wedding day! Congratulations Madi and Max! We wish you the best and may you live happily ever after!

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